Ireland’s North West City Region, comprising of Donegal, Derry & Strabane is a dynamic and strategically positioned area that offers unique advantages for businesses and investors. With its strategic border location, providing access to both EU and UK markets, and a highly skilled and educated labour pool, the region presents a compelling proposition for economic growth and development.

Donegal County Council and Derry & Strabane District Council work collaboratively to promote the North West City Region as an ideal investment destination. Through joint initiatives and partnerships, they create a supportive business environment, facilitate networking opportunities, and provide resources to help businesses thrive. This collaborative approach strengthens the region’s competitiveness and attractiveness to investors.

Situated on the border between Ireland and Northern Ireland, the North West City Region enjoys a strategic advantage as it provides businesses with access to both the European Union and the United Kingdom markets. This unique position allows companies to tap into a diverse customer base and benefit from the advantages of trading within two major economic zones.

Being part of the EU and having proximity to the UK, businesses in the North West City Region can navigate the complexities of Brexit more effectively. They can continue to access the EU Single Market while also maintaining close ties with the UK market. This dual access enhances trade opportunities, facilitates supply chain management, and provides businesses with flexibility in adapting to changing market dynamics.

The North West City Region boasts a highly skilled and educated labour pool, making it an attractive destination for businesses seeking top talent. The region is home to renowned educational institutions, including universities like Ulster University, Atlantic Technological University  and colleges such as Donegal ETB and Northwest Regional College, which produce a steady stream of skilled graduates across various disciplines. This ensures a continuous talent pipeline for businesses to tap into, fostering innovation and driving economic growth.

The region’s highly skilled and educated labour pool ensures a steady supply of talent for businesses. By capitalizing on these advantages, the North West City Region is poised to become a hub for economic growth, innovation, and collaboration, making it an enticing destination for businesses and investors alike.