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TRIONA Desgins

TRIONA Designs

Marketing Director: Kieran Mulhern

Triona has been in existence for over 30 years, producing its own famous Donegal Tweed made from 100% Irish lamb’s wool in the heart of Ireland.

Once weaved, it is tailored to produce unique pieces of clothing including coats, jackets and capes.

Currently looking for potential expansion and development opportunities for its wholesale business range, primarily to the US market.

Target: Clothing distributors and clothing retailers

Arrange to meet Triona Design: Kieran@trionadesign.com

Contact: Keiran Mulhearn: Kieran@trionadesign.com

Website: www.trionadesign.com

Facebook: @Donegaltweeds

 Bridie Mullin Ltd.

Bridie Mullin Ltd.

Proprietor: Bridie Mullin

The eponymous label, Bridie Mullin Irish Linen Ltd., brings a collection of up-market women’s clothing for the 30+ customer, in high quality linen designed and made in Ireland to exacting standards.

The collection is marketed and sold internationally. Proprietor, Bridie Mullin, is a highly qualified professional with over 20 years experience in the textile and design sector as a teacher and freelance designer.

All garments are produced onsite in Donegal so that quality control is easily managed. These garments are designed to last – striking in their elegant simplicity, functionality and quiet aesthetic.

Target: Retailers, agents, distributors, store personnel and civic representatives

Arrange to meet Bridie Mullin: bridie.mullin1502@gmail.com

Facebook: @bridiemullinltd

Instagram: mullinbridie

Website: bridiemullin.com

Atlantic Hub

Atlantic Hub

Managing Director: Brian Doherty

Atlantic Hub is an international Data Centre operator with facilities and operations in Amsterdam and Frankfurtwith plans to develop a flagship IT Services and Data Centre in the North West of Ireland.

The new Atlantic Hubwill offer a Campus Data Centre facility with 100MW capacity in Phase 1 offering exceptional data transfer
speeds between USA and Europe with low operational costs.

The Campus will offer a full range of IT services to combine technical components of the data centre operation with a comprehensive managed service offering.

Target: US Companies doing business in Europe who can store data ex America

Arrange to meet Atlantic Hub: brian.doherty@atlantic-hub.com

Contact:  Brian Doherty, brian.doherty@atlantic-hub.com

Website: www.atlantic-hub.com

Joule Group

Joule Group

Co-Founder & Principal: Mick Lannon

Joule Group is a Fire Engineering Consultancy business with a technology solutions arm in the same specialist field.

They currently have studios in Derry, Northern Ireland and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Joule Group’s purpose is to create a safer, more sustainable world through industry leading, transformational technology.

Joule Group work with building owners, developers, architects, consultants and contractors during the design and construction of a building to achieve a fire safe facility in design and operation in innovative ways.

Facilities include airports, metros, stadiums, high-rise, hospitals, industrial and malls.

Target: Built environment • Engineering & construction sectors • Architects • Developers • Facilities Management • Fire Engineers • Large retail chains • Hotel/Restaurant chains • Airports • Hotels & public buildings

Arrange to meet Joule Group: Info@joule-group.com

Facebook: joule-group

Twitter: @JouleGroup

Web: www.joule-group.com

Northern Ireland Clinical Research Sciences (NICRS)

Northern Ireland Clinical Research Sciences (NICRS)

Clinical Research Consultant: Dr Geraldine Horigan

Established in 2016 and operating from C-TRIC at Altnagelvin Hospital, NICRS provides services facilitating research for the health, academic and private sectors. This includes writing ethical applications through to research governance and site specific assistance. Recruitment and screening of participants onto research studies, collection of anthropometric and clinical measurements, questionnaire administration, qualitative interviews/focus groups, data analysis and project/service evaluations. In addition, NICRS provides a phlebotomy training services.

 Targets: Similar companies to set up collaborative partnership


 Twitter: @gbhorigan

C Fish

C Fish

Biostimulants Manager: Barry Doherty

Established in 1983, C Fish employs 18 people in Dunkineely, Co. Donegal. C Fish specialises in the production of ingredients for the pet food industry – a major growth industry in Europe – and operates a nationwide refrigerated fish by-product collection service which brings raw materials to the factory year round.

A new product line in soil nutrients is currently in development.

Target: Amenity and agriculture fertilisers suppliers & producers

Arrange to meet C Fish: barry@cfi sh.ie

Web: www.cfish.ie

Automated Control Systems (ACS Controls Ltd.)

Automated Control Systems (ACS Controls Ltd.)

Director: Ronan McEholm

ACS Controls Ltd specialise in retrofitting existing systems as well as new builds to bring any building into the 21st century. ACS bring over 40 years of experience to the controls industry using only high quality equipment for their control panels and peripheral equipment.

TARGETS:  Air conditioning companies, Electrical contractors, Control system companies, Facilities Management Companies

Arrange to meet Automated Control Systems: ronan@automatedcontrols.org

Website: automatedcontrols.org


Baronscourt Brewing Company

Baronscourt Brewing Company

Director: John Wauchob

Baronscourt Brewing Company is an artisan and craft brewing company based out of the Baronscourt Castle Estate, located outside Newtownstewart in Co. Tyrone. Baronscourt Brewing produces a variety of ales, stouts, IPA’s and lagers.

TARGETS:  Restaurants, Hotels, Bars, Estates, Drink Distributors

Arrange to meet Baronscourt Brewing Company: baronscourtbrewing.co@gmail